Fashion styling



Fashion has always been a conduit for connection, self expression and a place to truly have fun and feel beautiful. Being able to show women how good they can look and feel, elevate their image, see that sparkle in their eyes and watch them stand taller in their new look is what makes me smile and feel excited.

Whether you need help choosing an outfit for a special event, or a wardrobe revival book a one-on-one personal styling session with Nicole.

Hosted in our new concept store located at Shop 1, 244 Given Terrace, Paddington, in your home, face to face or by phone, book our Miss Henry Fashion Styling service today.

About Us

To make a very long story short, at 24 years of age I found myself alone with a two week old baby, five dollars in the whole world and two left feet. I've always, always loved fashion since I was little. At this tumultuous time in life an opportunity arose for me to fund a boutique of my own. Opening my own boutique as a fashion stylist was the scariest and best thing I have ever done in my life.

Fashion saved me.

I don't mean to sound dramatic. But it's true. 
I was having a bad day I would have a hot shower, brush my hair, pop on some bright lipstick and put on a beautiful outfit. And suddenly, I would feel so much better. I would look in the mirror and think that no matter how challenging life felt I could get through today and feel amazing doing it.

My true passion is empowering other women. To look and feel their best no matter what age or stage of life. No matter what life throws at us. Miss Henry boutique is inviting, cosy and I love making everyone feel welcome with lots of jokes, stories about what has happened that week and champagne (or tea!).

I've founded my business on always telling the truth - no one leaves with a piece that genuinely doesn't suit their lifestyle and figure (I've been known to stop ladies buying styles which aren't the very best cut and colour for them) and putting the needs of every one of my clients first.